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Save time and go paperless with our feedback and quality management module

Feedback and quality management

An easy and prompt system for aged care to ensure confidential yet transparent process of feed back acknowledgement and complaint resolution.

Progressive continuous improvement (PCI)

Effectively document and communicate your organisation’s ongoing quality projects. Adopt a result focused monitoring and analysis of your organisation’s improvement plans within a definite time frame.

Consumer and staff survey

This tool empowers you to conduct consumer and staff surveys regularly and systematically. Customised to suit your needs tailored surveys can help you identify the areas of improvements and effectiveness of the action plan within your service.

Incident management system

Promote a culture of reporting within your organization that is easy to access and capture all relevant information regarding specific incidents and near misses. Comprehensively oversee the organisational governance by effectively managing all non-clinical incident reports with one system.

Ensure safe and quality delivery of care by effectively acknowledging the incident , preventing and managing the risks and minimizing the recurrence.

Staff incident

An easy reporting system to communicate incidents involving staff members to ensure the safety of the staff along with residents.

Facility incident

Capture the incidents relevant to your organization for easy benchmarking with PCI and risk management.

Hazard incident

Provide a safe service environment for staff and residents with early hazard notification and control measures.

Risk management (Coming soon)

An easy tool to manage your orgnisational risks by comprehensively rating the residual risk, evaluating the mitigation startergies and action plan implemented.

Real-time feedback system helping you analyse & improve quality across various domains

and more..

Feedback & Quality management made easy

Cloud based portal
Fast & simple to use
Voice feedback Capability
Criteria based Email and push notifications
Multi-lingual to promote cultural diversity
Graphical Reporting
Automated acknowledgement for quality management
Identify & resolve issues before escalation to regulatory bodies
Inbuilt Quality Management System

Consumer Directed Care to next level

Our interactive feedback system helps you analyse feedback and assists you with continuous improvement.


Provides an open and safe avenue for consumers & their representatives to provide feedback

Demonstrates that consumer feedback is welcome and that you care for them

Assists with continuous improvement & building better relationship with consumers

Meets standards by showing that an effective Feedback Management System is in place

Resolution focused Online Quality Management System

Saves time and effort of handling paper feedback forms

Helps with strategic planning and overall management of aged care services

Intelligent Analytical Reports

Consumer experience report as per aged care Quality Agency template

Company overview report for senior management

Regional overview report

Individual facility report

Individual resident report

Periodic consumer experience report

Quality management report with actions taken for resolution

Industry average report and more

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