Transforming Dining in Aged Care

Dining Management
& Online Ordering Software For Aged Care.

Recipe management

Menu planning

Nutritional analysis

Diet profile management

Online ordering

Shopping list


Serving & consumption status

Improve your dining operations and enhance mealtime experience for your residents

Meal Management Simplified

Improve dining experience

Reduce cost & improve efficiency

Easy online ordering

Resident and family mobile app

Meet regulatory compliance

Integrated with clinical software

Benefits for organizations

Easy monitoring of dining experience and demonstration of resident choice.

Partnering with families in the provision of care.

Quick auditing of the quality and nutritional value of food.

Easy synchronisation of dietary information with your clinical software.

Live updates on daily orders to assist the catering team.

Minimising the risk of errors by effortless monitoring.

Efficient management of in-room and dining area orders.

Data recording to demonstrate regular and ongoing menu reviews.

Benefits for residents

Resident choices are respected through an easy online ordering system with photos.

Family members can partner in care by viewing a daily menu, placing orders on behalf of the residents through the app, and monitoring their nutritional goals.

Resident food and fluid texture, allergies, likes and dislikes are closely monitored, improving the dining experience.

Over 20 Operational Reports

Generate comprehensive reports relevant to dining and meals provision in your organisation.

Resident Reports

Quick reporting on residents’ dietary and fluid choices and provisions.

Kitchen Reports

Easy summarising of all dining requirements for the catering staff.

Financial Reports

Effortless broadcasting of your expenses relevant to dining

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