For Providers

man using laptop and mobile

  • All in one system to manage all your communication & lifestyle management
  • Mobile app for families.
  • Communicate and engage with consumers and their families better
  • Build trust with consumers and families.
  • Helps with marketing & increasing occupancy
  • Communicate important announcements via push notifications, SMS and emails
  • Inbuilt feedback and quality management system – helps you meet quality management needs
  • Helps reduce the workload on critical staff and helps them focus on resident care and well-being
  • Reduce phone calls from families requesting information. Always keep them informed on what is happening with their loved ones.
  • Fully automated staff assisted video call booking for families
  • Improves staff efficiency and reduces your cost
  • Private and group video call facility to communicate with families, conduct virtual resident family meetings etc
  • Multi facility management from one portal for senior management

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